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What are the THINGS of the IoT?

The IoT (Internet of Things) is rarely presented as the hardware, the ‘Things’ of the Internet of Things. In this talk, we leave privacy and big data to other speakers and focus 100% on what the Things in the IoT include. This presentation is pedagogical presented, taking participants from an understanding of the basics, and moving on to describe and understand what drives some of the most popular IoT products on the market now. This talk is updated before each presentation to include the latest IoT products.

“I feel like I now have a terminology to use when discussing the Internet of Things, it makes a lot more sense to consider things from a hardware perspective, and this will help guide my future decisions about how we approach new technology in my company”. – Member of the Curie Network

This talk explores:

  • What is the IoT, exactly?
  • What are sensors?
  • What are actuators?
  • What are machines?
  • What does it mean for something to be ‘smart’?
  • Inside the most popular IoT devices, what makes them do what they do?
  • Industrial IoT
  • A series of case studies of unusual IoT applications that have big business impact viagra generika online
  • Trends in IoT devices, for home, personal, farming, insurance and transportation
  • Thoughtful design in the IoT – what does it mean to introduce these devices to the world?
  • What should you think about when developing or investing in new technology?



  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Hardware, sensors, actuators
  • Industrial IoT
  • Systems
  • Design thinking
  • User centred design
  • Future of IoT
  • Design considerations



This talk is presented as either a shorter, 30 minute talk or a longer, 45 to 60 minute talk with room for discussion and debate.

This talk is provided in Keynote format, 4 x 3.



This talk can be tailored towards an audience of:

  • C-Level business developers, business owners, influencers, decision makers
  • Designers
  • Health Care
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
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