By VanessaJC February 12, 2021 In Talks

Virtual Talk: Prototyping – rapid, iterative, effective.

In this 1 hour micro-workshop for Danish Design Centre’s “Fremtiden Nu” (Future Now) program, Vanessa introduced prototyping – through a hands-on activity that all Zoom attendees participated in, in their homes or offices. Attendees from a variety of Danish production companies, quickly learned some of the basics – scenario building, persona development, designing for user’s rituals, and most important of all, making sure that their prototypes followed the “Right, Rapid, Rough” protocol proposed by IDEO. Vanessa introduced how Google, SpaceX, Kintsugi Design and Netflix use prototyping in their processes to develop new products and services, and embrace educated risk taking along the way. Reach out to vanessa at to experience this micro-workshop in your company or organization.

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