By VanessaJC November 11, 2020 In Talks

Virtual Talk: Innovation Talks: Pushing Innovation Boundaries with Maersk Drilling

For an online audience of close to 80, Vanessa presented how to push innovation boundaries as part of Maersk Drilling’s Innovation Talks series. We have all heard about innovation, creativity, and how to design ‘outside the box’, but how do you actually push yourself further, and thus, push your company further? Vanessa presented her background designing interactive art installations, playing with fire, robots, lights, and sound, and moving to smart product design, providing these as examples of designing for pushing creative boundaries. She introduced how large companies use iterative, rapid prototyping to gain insights and market success,and to break through familiar patterns and routines, to discover the unusual and unique solutions we seek. 

I aim to misbehave

I challenge the status quo because I know there are more thoughtful and useful solutions. I aim to create ideal situations for creativity, networking, and knowledge sharing. I aim to work with people who are striving to surpass their wildest expectations.