Vanessa connects the dots, often seeing what others cannot. She uses her background in art, technology, design and business to create unexpected, yet incredibly useful opportunities. She is a creative, a designer, a futurist. She is a thought leader in how we’re going to interact with future technologies and how we can create products which go beyond convenience, and beyond the screen, to focus on a sense of purpose, connection and self development. 

With a background in smart product development, a PhD in Designing for Meaningfulness, and an extensive artist CV, Vanessa is asked to speak around the world on topics ranging from emerging technologies, to the impact of conflict resources, to how we can consider meaningfulness in smart product development. 

In her company, Kintsugi Design, Vanessa helps to bring the imperfect to light, and highlight the humanity of a company and its products, with a focus on strategic sparring, design research, and hardware prototyping. Vanessa believes strongly in helping create a platform for others and thus is the founder of the Nordic Women in Hardware network. 

Vanessa is available for talks, seminars, workshops, podcasts, articles and panel debates, world-wide, or online.

TLDR: Vanessa designs, researches, builds, creates, speaks, inspires, and has 15 years experience in Product Development and holds a PhD in Design & Technology. Get in touch:

PS: Thanks to Hedda Rysstad for this photo!