Tools: Diabetic Foot Ulcer

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Tools: Diabetic Foot Ulcer

As part of Patient at Home, a 6 year long project looking at how to help people live healthy and good lives in their own homes, Vanessa was work package leader for the Diabetic Foot Ulcer project. Managing a group of stakeholders, including companies, clinicians and nurses, they developed five prototypes and tested these with users to determine which might be useful for future development to help people living with Diabetic Foot Ulcers to avoid amputation and lead a healthier life. The projects are described below, and can be read about in this report and on this site

  1. Ulcer Pressure Monitor: This project focuses on creating an on-foot enclosure which registers pressure at different spots on the foot on a continuous basis to both help the ulcerated foot and to help prevent an ulcer from forming on the healthy foot. With Sensor Medical. 
  2. Ulcer Camera Monitoring: Working with the 123D Catch program by AutoDesk, the aim of this subproject is to photograph wounds, and use cameras to explore 3D volume of a wound and surface structure, creating an automatic algorithm to tell us if there are changes in the necrosis. With Pallas Informatik.
  3. Multisensor Intelligent Bandage: The MIB is an ongoing early research project focused on using  microelectromechanical sensors (MEMs) to monitor secretion, pH, temperature, and other factors in a wound. With Fei Yu – Syddansk University and MD Knud Yderstraede (Odense University Hospital)

  4. Patient Remote Camera: Focusing on the patient and how to enable them to care for their Diabetic Foot Wound on their own and via a remote camera system wherein the patient can take photos of their Diabetic Foot Ulcer despite limited mobility, and send the photos to their health care provider. With Pallas Informatik and Sensor Medical. 

  5. Mood Meter: In this project we aim to utilize a system which allows patients who have a Diabetic Foot Ulcer to discuss their wound with their families in an easy-to-understand way, and to share how they are feeling with their family members. With C4U Technologies ApS and Sensor Medical. 

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