By VanessaJC May 20, 2018 In Available Talks

The Mechanics of Meaningfulness

In today’s world, technology is easily accessible, cheap and easy to use. Alongside our fascination with technology and new gadgets, this results in a world where we have many devices and are “always on”. In her work on designing for meaningfulness in smart products, Vanessa presents five case studies demonstrating aspects of designing for future smart products, where we look to uncommon aspects of new devices to help drive towards a meaningful experience. This talk explores:


  • How people become participants and engage with products
  • Our fascination with screens
  • Non-Screen, Tangible Devices, what does this mean and what does it mean to product developers and designers?
  • The role of craft in future smart products
  • The Mechanics of Meaningfulness – what should we consider when designing for meaningful experiences?
  • A set of questions for product developers and designers to consider their choice of hardware, specifically sensors, actuators, and the role of thoughtfulness when designing not just a product, but also an experience.


This talk can be customized to nearly any industry – here’s a testimonial from when it was presented to jewellery designers:

We had the pleasure of Vanessa presenting her thoughts on designing for meaningfulness at our Jewellery of Tomorrow event. The Jewellery industry, with its long heritage of body adornment, is on the breaking point of trying to incorporate technology more and more. Therefore Vanessa’s input on how to proceed in this direction, while still creating jewellery devices that holds a value, a story and a meaning matched perfectly with our innovation themed evening.
Rikke Sander, Curator, Jewellery of Tomorrow


  • Meaningful design
  • Smart products
  • User experience
  • Design thinking
  • User centred design
  • Hardware: Sensors & Actuators
  • The role of the screen in technology and design cialis genérico preço



This talk is presented as either a shorter, 30 minute talk or a longer, 45 to 60 minute talk with room for discussion and debate.

This talk is provided in Keynote format, 16 x 9.



This talk can be tailored towards an audience of:

  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Health care / Medical devices
  • Product development
  • New hardware explorations
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