Technomania: Designing for Meaningfulness in Smart Products

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Technomania: Designing for Meaningfulness in Smart Products

As part of the jury behind Technomania with the Danish Engineers Association, IDA, Vanessa contributed to analyzing and debating about startups in the tech scene. After several months of debate, a selection of startups were chosen to participate in Technomania and Vanessa spoke to them at ‘hi’ – the biggest tech and industry expo in Scandinavia.

Vanessa has been exploring Designing for Meaningfulness in Smart Products, and you can read about this at her blog at MeaningfulDevices. Her presentation explored why companies who are designing smart products need to think about “The Mechanics of Meaningfulness” and what impact this has on their bottom line.  Vanessa advocates for products that last, and products that matter. With 6 years experience in helping startups, medium and large size companies to expand into the world of smart products, Vanessa has seen a variety of products which succeeded, and which have failed viagra generika online. Those which succeeded are those which truly considered all the people involved in a product, from the person using it, to the family members, and how this impacts all aspects of their daily life. Designing for meaningfulness is about designing for people to connect to other people, and to enable meaningful experiences.

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