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Tech Festival ’19 – Debate

As part of Tech Festival, an annual festival bringing together creatives and tech evangelists from around the world, Vanessa was invited to participate in a panel debate about Ethics & AI.

Vanessa Julia Carpenter, Ph.D. in Designing for Meaningfulness in future smart products at Aalborg University, said she sees disconnect between academia and the AI industry.
“A lot of research on ethical technologies are being done, but it is really hard to bring that out in the open” Vanessa says, adding “So, go ask a researcher.”
“Ethics and technology should not only be on the political agenda, we also need to actually implement. When starting digital design projects, we need to start thinking ethics from a very early start and throughout the process,” Vanessa said.

The following text is from the event page:

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.

How can we ensure ethical utilisation of AI?

Artificial intelligence is not possible without data – the raw material of our present and future algorithms. This proliferation of big data drives rapid research, innovation and huge investments in machine learning, data mining and neural network applications. However, these developments raise some acute questions on ethics and utilisation of AI in a regional and European, as well as global context.

The Nordic countries are internationally renowned for their social and political values, and for being highly digitalised.
This makes them potential frontrunners in the field of ethics and AI. However, we are yet to see meaningful legislation being implemented. With so much potential at hand, and so many issues at stake, we ask: What are the barriers stopping the Nordic countries from becoming frontrunners on ethics and AI and how do we overcome them?

Key questions to explore

  • How do we develop and utilise ethical AI in the Nordic countries to their/our competitive advantage and create a regional stronghold?
  • What are the parameters needed for boosting the region’s competitiveness in AI?
  • Can our societal values such as trust, transparency, responsibility, privacy shape and define the potential of ethical AI in our region? 
  • How can we ensure that engineers take responsibility for the new tech they produce and develop? 
  • How can we combine trust with data?

We hope to get valuable input from society dwellers to find out what should be the next focus in the future of AI and Ethics, and together craft specific recommendations from a Nordic perspective, in order to determine the next steps. 

The conversation on AI and ethics is timely and of utmost importance. Join an engaged and broad group of actors within the field engineering to create a democratic discussion around trust and critical thought. This conversation is already ongoing on many levels and fora in many countries, but there is a need to open up for new participants in this discussion to determine the common strongholds and create new partnerships in the Nordics As with algorithms, data and ethics, it is important to have the human involved in the discussion around this.

This Techfestival session is curated in collaboration with the Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) and Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM). 

Hear interesting input from

Mikael Anneroth (SE)

Expert, Human and Society perspective on Information and Communications Technology at Ericsson. His work currently focuses on Smart Sustainable Cities (SSC) and Ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Anja Kaspersen (NO)

Director of United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), member of World Policy Council and passionate about security & diversity by design.

Mikkel Flyverbom (DK)

Professor (MSO) of Communication and Digital Transformations and academic director of the Business in Society (BiS) platform Transformations: Technology, Data and Knowledge in the Digital Age at Copenhagen Business School.

Vanessa Julia Carpenter (Canada)

Vanessa is a Technology Experience Designer with a passion for connecting people. Her company, GeekPhysical has worked to challenge the social domain throughout the world through interactive installations

Lars Maaløe (DK)

Co-founder and CTO of Corti –  ‘Artificial Intelligence with a purpose’. Corti is an intelligent partner that helps emergency medical dispatchers make life-saving decisions. Corti is tasking machine learning with a true purpose


Signe van Zundert (DK)

Signe is the Project Officer for the Nordic Council of Ministers. She holds an MA in European Studies and Russian Languages from Aarhus University.

Inese Podgaiska (LV)

Inese is the Secretary-General of the Association of Nordic Engineers. This year, she received the “Women of the Decade in Science Leadership” award at the Women Economic Forum.

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