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Strategic Futures & Advising

Vanessa is a member of various advisory boards, juries startup competitions and helps to mentor businesses and individuals. She is a member of the Danish Design Council, is on the Engineering Society's Expert Group (IDA), and is a jury member for the Danish Design Awards. She’s worked with a wide variety of companies to create realistic strategies for the future.

Strategic Futures & Advising

Imagining the next 10, or 50 years

With a diverse background and especially, experience as an Interaction Designer, Vanessa uses empathy to understand a company's challenges and to start from a place of identity to develop their future strategies.

Vanessa uses a mix of tools and strategies, depending on what the company's needs and challenges are, to concurrently explore their current challenges and their future potential.

She gains inspiration from her work with thought leaders such as the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design, the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, and the Danish Design Center and brings these learnings to customers to help them develop a diverse range of tools for each challenge.

Prototyping is a vital part of working with Vanessa, as she insists upon a less talk, more action approach wherein companies prototype future strategies, products and services today.

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Visit Vanessa at IDA's ekspertkorps

The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA is a professional association for technology, natural sciences and IT specialists. It has an expert group which the media can contact for expert knowledge about particular topics and Vanessa is part of this group, specializing in prototype development and meaningful future technologis.

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The Design Council is the think tank of the Danish design field. The purpose of the council is to promote Danish design by conceiving and exploring new perspectives on design.

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Vanessa works with a variety of companies and helps organizations to make meaningful connections.