By VanessaJC May 20, 2018 In Available Talks

Pushing Creative Boundaries

We have all heard about innovation, creativity, and how to design ‘outside the box’, but how do you actually push yourself further, and thus, push your company further? Vanessa presents her background designing interactive art installations, playing with fire, robots, lights, and sound, and from the world of participatory burlesque, explaining these examples of designing for pushing creative boundaries. She introduces a series of exercises used by places such as IDEO, IdemoLab, and methods she’s developed herself, to break through familiar patterns and routines, to discover the unusual and unique solutions we seek. She also presents other research labs, such as GoogleX and SpaceX, as examples of how major companies use these methods to push themselves into new territory. This talk can either be presented as a talk, or as a talk/workshop where participants actively engage in activities.

I had the pleasure of Vanessa presenting at a meeting in Network Denmark. Her engaging personality made the topic Pushing Creative Boundaries relevant, easy to understand and fun for her audience. – David Neville, Network Director

  • This talk explores:
    • Art & Technology
    • Participatory engagement
    • Pushing the norms
    • How to be experimental
    • What’s wrong with “Fail Fast”
  • Exercises:
    • Object description and association
    • Paying attention
    • Body storming
  • How to interrupt our brain / body
  • How to approach business challenges



  • Design Thinking
  • Art
  • Technology
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Norms
  • Experimental mindset



This talk is presented as either a shorter, 30 minute talk or a longer, 45 to 60 minute talk with room for discussion and debate.

This talk can be half talk, half workshop as a 1.5  – 2 hour format with hands-on learning activities for participants.

This talk is provided in Keynote format, 4 x 3.



This talk can be tailored towards an audience of:

  • C-Level business developers, business owners, influencers, decision makers
  • Designers
  • A variety of fields including health care, fitness, fashion, etc.
I aim to misbehave

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