Publications and Media

Things on the interwebs…

VICE – Broadly: Vanessa vil have dig til at pille din smartphone fra hinanden og tage magten tilbage Ung ph.d kæmper for teknologiskift mod “meningsfuldt” design

Forum Business Magazine: Teknikfetischisternas antiklimax: ”Nej tack, inte ännu en ’smart’ pryl!”

Tech Truster: 3 Principles for Designing for Meaningfulness: (Danish) (English)

Innovatemedtec: Early, Iterative, Functional: How to develop the right medical device to actually help people.

Podcast: Elektronista “Wearables” (Danish).

DR News (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) – smart jewellery devices: BILLEDER Intelligente smykker til epileptikere samt stressede kvinder and Design Ure & Smykker magazine (pgs 38-41).

GeekPhysical projects media here.

Academic Publications

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