Prototyping is at the heart of Vanessa's work. It's about a culture of taking intelligent risks. Prototyping means taking anything available now, and testing out ideas, products, and services with users, in context, to determine what actually works, and what people actually want.

Taking Intelligent risks

Prototyping asks questions

It is necessary to prototype and so many companies skip this vital step. When designing everything from medical devices to children's toys, Vanessa has utilized a user centered design process to ask questions about what works, what doesn't, what can be improved, and what needs to change.

Vanessa runs prototyping workshops, courses and talks, and conducts prototyping for product and service development. She knows that to have a successful product or service, one needs to try it with the actual users in their actual context.

Companies need to be brave and take intelligent risks, learning through doing, and iteratively evolving throughout the process.

Try the free one hour prototyping course

This one hour course designed and led by Vanessa is an introduction to how to think about prototyping and how to start prototyping, right away, with whatever you have in front of you, right now.

Examples of Prototyping

From workshops to products and services, prototyping is one thing that Vanessa always comes back to. All examples link to Vanessa's company site, Kintsugi Design.

Bring Prototyping to your audience or team

Vanessa speaks at conferences, on podcasts, as part of panel debates, and in digital sessions about the prototyping mindset and practices.