By VanessaJC November 11, 2020 In Talks

Prototyping at Maersk Drilling

How can prototyping propel an innovation cycle forward? Vanessa answered this question through examining unrelated domains, such as farming, to explore how their approach to innovation could wield lessons for innovations in the energy sector. Vanessa also focused on how a ‘half-baked’ product can be good enough for user traction instead of developing a full blown product on first attempt and how to use co-creation to build on one another’s ideas and perceptions. We looked to examples from Google, SPACEX, and others, relating our learnings from the day to industry practices.

I aim to misbehave

I challenge the status quo because I know there are more thoughtful and useful solutions. I aim to create ideal situations for creativity, networking, and knowledge sharing. I aim to work with people who are striving to surpass their wildest expectations.