By VanessaJC October 15, 2017 In Talks

Panel Chair: Industry 4.0 and Production in Denmark

As part of the Industry 4.0 Conference by Innovation Centre Denmark, Vanessa chaired the session called “Why Production in Denmark?” organized by Danish Design Centre and Invest in Denmark cialis genérico preço. Information below from website.


Track 2 – Why Production in Denmark? – Design, Quality and Flexibility

Hosted by Danish Design Centre and Invest in Denmark

The break-out session will be organised as a panel-debate with stakeholders from three international companies, discussing how to apply new business models and design methods without losing unique value proposition. The session will debate both the opportunities and challenges of having production in Denmark and explore new uncharted opportunities.


  • Technology Interaction Designer, Vanessa Carpenter, Idemolab (Chair)
  • Plant Director, Mogens Auchenberg, Schneider Electric
  • Head of R&D, Ingeborg Rosenvinge, Thürmer Tools
  • Partner, Rasmus Blom, Implement Consulting Group
  • Country Manager, Per Pilegaard, Omron
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