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Vanessa has a background in art and technology, academia, and interaction design. She holds a BSc. in Interactive Art and Technology (Canada), a MSc. of Interaction Design (Sweden), and a PhD with the topic: “Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products” (Denmark). Here are her articles, articles she's participated in, and podcasts and other media to which she's contributed.


Academic Articles

  • Carpenter, V., & Mekler, E. (2019). Towards Metrics of Meaningfulness
    for Tech Practitioners. PDF
  • Carpenter, V., Møbius, N., Sokoler, T., & Overholt, D. (2019). Trækvejret: A Kinetic Device Encouraging Bodily Reflection. PDF
  • Carpenter, Vanessa Julia, Møbius, Nikolaj “Dzl”, Willis, Amanda, Overholt, Dan. Electronic Kintsugi: An investigation of everyday crafted objects in tangible interaction design. Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Future Technologies Conference. Springer, 2018. PDF
  • Carpenter, Vanessa Julia, Overholt, Dan, Stella, Antonio, Kampmann, Baldur, Maunsbach, Martin, Minovski, Martin, Ville-France, Nikolaj. Proceedings of NordiCHI. MusicFabrik: A Playable, Portable Speaker. NordiCHI, 2018. PDF
  • Carpenter, V., Hemwood, S., Overgaard, M., & Wuschitz, S., (2018). From Sex Toys to Pleasure Objects. PDF
  • Carpenter, V., & Overholt, D. (2018). Designing for interpersonal connections in future technologies: An annotated portfolio of jewelry devices. Proceedings of the 2018 NordDesign conference. PDF
  • Carpenter, V., Stella, A., Kampmann, B., Møller, N., Minovski, M., Maunsback, M., & Overholt, D. (2018). SketchyTuna: Exploring A Design For Screenless Creativity. PDF
  • Carpenter, Vanessa Julia, and Dan Overholt. “Designing For Meaningfulness: A Case Study Of A Pregnancy Wearable For Men.” Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems. ACM, 2017. PDF
  • Carpenter, Vanessa and Overholt, Dan. “Provoking breath: an exploration of how to remind people to breathe”. Persuasive Technology: Development and implementation of personalized technologies to change attitudes and behaviours. 12th International Conference, PERSUASIVE 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 4-6, 2017 Adjunct Proceedings. 2017. (pp. 22-23). PDF
  • Carpenter, V., & Olsen, M. L. (2013). Electronic sketching: Using IdemoBits as tools for synthesis in design research. Nordes, 1(5). PDF
  • Pedersen, J., & Carpenter, V. (2013) Workshop: Expand your design space with energy harvesting. Nordes, 1(5). PDF
  • Carpenter, V. (2008). Learning in Liquid Place. IxD&A, 3, 159-162. PDF
  • Brynolf, D., Carpenter, V., Hobye, M., & Larsen, H. S. (2008, September). Bodily awareness: an exploration in critical design. In Proceedings of the 22nd British HCI Group Annual Conference on People and Computers: Culture, Creativity, Interaction-Volume 2 (pp. 119-122). BCS Learning & Development Ltd. PDF
  • Carpenter, V., & Hobye, M. (2008). Ladies’ and Men’s room mixup. In Design and Emotion Conference Dare to Desire. Hong Kong. PDF

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Examples of Designing for Meaningfulness

Vanessa's company, Kintsugi Design, specializes in designing new technologies, strategies, and futures with meaningfulness at the core of their practice. The below examples open on Kintsugi Design's website.

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Vanessa speaks at conferences, on podcasts, as part of panel debates, and in digital sessions about Designing for Meaningfulness.