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Vanessa has a background in art and technology, academia, and interaction design. She holds a BSc. in Interactive Art and Technology (Canada), a MSc. of Interaction Design (Sweden), and a PhD with the topic: “Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products” (Denmark). Here are her articles, articles she's participated in, and podcasts and other media to which she's contributed.

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Press are welcome to contact Vanessa for inquiries through the IDA Expert Network.

Examples of Designing for Meaningfulness

Vanessa's company, Kintsugi Design, specializes in designing new technologies, strategies, and futures with meaningfulness at the core of their practice. The below examples open on Kintsugi Design's website.

Bring DFM to your audience or team

Vanessa speaks at conferences, on podcasts, as part of panel debates, and in digital sessions about Designing for Meaningfulness.