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WIIT: Women in Immersive Tech

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WIIT: Women in Immersive Tech

Women in Immersive Tech Europe, or WIIT, is a community to connect, meet like-minded women from across Europe, and find the resources to learn and grow within Europe’s virtual, augmented and mixed reality sectors. Learn more about WIIT Europe here.

Lemke Meijer and Vanessa Julia Carpenter are Ambassadors for the Icelandic chapter of WIIT and invite you to an evening of talks and networking to learn more about VR, AR and XR. If you are working in these fields, or just curious, you are welcome to join us! And we are inclusive - we invite all who identify as “woman” or who are outside of gender binaries to be a part of this network.

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    2023- Present

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    Event curation, networking, expert knowledge gathering and dissemination.


Our first event...

Partnering with Gagarin and Astrid, we held our first event at Gagarin's headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. We heard from four incredible speakers about their work, including: 

Vanessa Julia Carpenter, PhD. Director and Designer at Kintsugi Design. 

Lemke Meijer, Interaction and Concept Designer, Gagarin.

Dr. Alessia Milo, architect, researcher, and virtual acoustics specialist at Treble Technologies

Ásta Olga Magnúsdóttir, previous founder at ASTRID Climate Change Education

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin, creator and founder of Flow VR Meditation


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