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Bringing the latest news about femtech developments and devices to Denmark and Scandinavia. 

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    Writing, Content, Advisor

Researcher, Writer & Advisor

Addressing the new wave of Femtech

TechTruster was started by journalist Helle Baagø and covered the newest technology wearables. When journalist Cecilie Helm Darling and Vanessa, femtech researcher and hardware specialist, joined the team, we shifted to focusing specifically on femtech. 

Half the population is interested in technology specific to their bodies and there is a distinct lack of information about this area. "FemTech" comprises of technologies for women and our site, TechTruster provides reviews, insights, opinions and updates on emerging FemTech devices.

TechTruster features a mix of articles from quick reviews, to in-depth evaluations, to personal stories, to comparative studies. Each article is available in Danish and English and each article broadens the perspective by not only focusing on smart watches but also feature things like fertility trackers, menopause aids, smart breast pumps and more.

Researcher, Writer & Advisor

Hundreds of new products and services

In Vanessa's research and practice around femtech and menopause tech, she's discovered and worked with many femtech startups who are trying to change the types of technologies people use today. 

Many incredible opportunities exist for people of all genders, and specifically the very underserved markets of those with uteruses and those who menstruate. Vanessa works to shine a light on these upcoming technologies and writes articles at TechTruster which introduce subject areas, such as femtech or menotech as well as specific technologies. 

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