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Future Now with the Danish Design Center

Designing Sustainable Futures

Imagining and designing for the next 50 years

Future Now was a 3 month course sponsored by The Danish Industry Foundation which granted 18 production companies the opportunity to strategically develop their businesses. The program, designed and run by the Danish Design Center featured mentors who worked with the companies one-on-one to conceptualize and prototype their sustainable futures. Vanessa was one of these mentors.

  • Client

    Danish Design Center

  • Date

    2020 - 2021

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    Future Now

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    Strategic Future Design, Mentoring


Prototyping the future, today

The course, using future scenarios developed by the Danish Design Center, started with a deep dive into sustainability, and how the companies are currently and will in the future, work with sustainability as a primary focus.

As the workshops were held during COVID, all work was done on Miro, in a collaborative, real-time workshop setting with mentors and companies working to uncover values, challenges, perspectives, and opportunities.

Vanessa led the companies in prototyping, helping them to realize the potential of prototyping their futures, today. By prototyping, companies were able to not only imagine, but also test potential future services and products.

Prototyping and Strategy

Far reaching results

DDC has published a case study about Vanessa's work with Mouritsen, which states: "During the three-month program, Mouritsen developed a prototype for a special service that maps and improves the potential of companies in the industry. The prototype has already been successfully tested by several production companies in European countries, including Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Since the Future Now program ended in late 2021, Mouritsen has relied significantly on the design process, including the work with prototypes. “The tool came in handy during our everyday work at Mouritsen. We believe that it is important to involve the end-user from the start and then design accordingly,” says Claus Andersen." Read the whole case study here:

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