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Designing for Meaningfulness

The future of technology is to empower humanity.

It should help us to identify and reach our life goals, to deepen our relationships with others and with ourselves, and it should help us to understand who we have been, who we are and who we want to be. Vanessa calls this Designing for Meaningfulness. Dr. Vanessa Julia Carpenter completed a PhD on this subject in industry, working with design and technology agencies.

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    Designing for Meaningfulness

Designing for Meaningfulness

Focusing on identity and relationships

Designing for Meaningfulness has been used by design companies, companies developing new smart products and medical devices, and has been presented in over 25 workshops, talks and seminars.

The research includes both a value based investigation of the Mechanics (value based parameters) and Manifestations (physical qualities) of Meaningfulness. These are starting points for ideating and evaluating products or services in terms of designing for three scenarios:

  1. People-to-people connections
  2. A person to their sense-of-self
  3. People-to-time


See the limited series of "Designing for Meaningfulness" here

Designing for Meaningfulness

Meaningful Careers, Strategic Business Development, Future Forecasting

Designing for Meaningfulness extends past smart product development and has been used by a variety of companies and at a number of events, with Vanessa's guidance and facilitation. 

  • IDA - The Engineers Society, Workshop, "Meaningful Careers"
  • FabLab Tokyo - Workshop "Designing for Meaningfulness and Traditional Craft"
  • Koalition - Talk, "Meaningful UX"
  • Tech Festival - Workshop (With Elisa Mekler and Morten Wagner), "Let’s go Beyond Convenient Tech to Eudaimonic Tech and Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose" 
  • Respond Festival - Workshop, "Designing for Meaningful Futures"
  • Folkemødet, the Danish democratic festival - Talk, "A political perspective on the UN Goals and Designing for Meaningfulness" 
  • Electronics of Tomorrow (EoT) - Talk, "A hardware perspective on Designing fo Meaningfulness"
  • Wearable Technologies San Francisco - Talk, "Designing Meaningful Wearables"
  • Hackaday Belgrade - Talk, "Meaningful Hardware"
  • Sketching in Hardware Detroit - Talk "Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products" 
  • Technomania - Talk "Designing for Meaningfulness in Smart Products"

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