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ASTRID: Climate Change Education

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ASTRID: Climate Change Education

Astrid utilizes VR, AR and XR to create engaging educational experiences about climate change for youth. Each product in the suite aims to give students the knowledge and resources to understand and debate climate change issues.

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    Strategy, Business Development, Interaction Design


Helping youth learn to debate

Garden of Choices is the first product in the Astrid suite. It is a virtual reality role playing game for youth to discuss and debate climate change issues. Youth learn and debate together in the same physical space whilst also being together in a virtual space. As they encounter a variety of climate change issues, they must decide which future decisions would be best for people, planet and economy.

Astrid's first product: Garden of Choices

Strategic Design

Strategic Business Development and Interaction Design

Our goal with Astrid was to change the narrative of climate change discourse, from the often dark and dystopian threat of our possible future to one of hope and courage for creating meaningful change. 

Working with artist and illustrator Beatriz Prados Astrid's visual identity became one of bright colours and charming illustrations which resonated with both youth and educators.

Vanessa worked with the team to transform years of work and research into a comprehensive and clear pitch deck. Several versions of the deck were made for various audiences and  pedagogically explained the rational, research and motivation for the project.

Since Astrid is an educational tool, it was necessary to strategically design the approach for partnerships and sales. Vanessa helped the team to establish a diverse advisory board and coordinated the marketing and business development activities, designing the 1 minute promo film,  presentations for conferences, booths for trade shows, and training the executive staff in how to deliver the pitch to investors, politicians, educators, business professionals and researchers.

Astrid is created by a team of amazing people and led by Ásta Olga Magnúsdóttir  with concept design by Lemke Meijer and VR development by Laufey Stefánsdóttir and Sunna Björk Mogensen, Art Direction by Beatriz Prados, Software Development by Haukur Hilmarsson and Financial Development by Geir Borg. 


Interaction Design

Creating immersive, interactive, educational worlds in Virtual Reality

Working with the Astrid team and based on information from a series of workshops and interviews with climate scientists, experts and researchers, Vanessa co-created the first storyboards of Astrid Ocean VR: a single player experience. In Astrid Ocean VR, players dive deep into the Arctic Ocean, encountering species and systems which help them to learn about the interconnectedness of the Oceans and their systems and how this impacts climate change and our lives. Working with the concept development and interaction design team, Vanessa utilized techniques such as bodystorming, personas and prototyping to explore the effectiveness of communication and interaction modalities in Virtual Reality (VR). 

Drawing by Lemke Meijer, Concept and Interaction Designer

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