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    Recent TalksUnusual Innovation Talk (p) Prev projectPrototyping TalkAll Projects Virtual TalkUnusual Innovation in the times of COVID-19These Corona times have been unusual

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    Recent TalksPrototyping Talk (p) Prev projectASTRID: Climate Change EducationAll Projects(n) Next projectUnusual Innovation Talk Virtual TalkVirtual Talk: Prototyping – rapid, iterative, effectiveIn

  • ASTRID: Climate Change Education

    (p) Prev projectTechTrusterAll Projects(n) Next projectPrototyping Talk StrategyASTRID: Climate Change Education Project InfoASTRID: Climate Change EducationAstrid utilizes VR, AR and XR to

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    TechnologyTechTruster (p) Prev projectGreater SpacesAll Projects(n) Next projectASTRID: Climate Change Education Project InfoFemTech NewsBringing the latest news about femtech developments and devices

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    TechnologyGreater Spaces (p) Prev projectDesigning for MeaningfulnessAll Projects(n) Next projectTechTruster Project InfoExpanding the narrative of technologyGreater Spaces is written by Majken Overgaard

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    DesignDesigning for Meaningfulness (p) Prev projectFuture Now with the Danish Design CenterAll Projects(n) Next projectGreater Spaces Designing for MeaningfulnessThe future of technology