By VanessaJC October 15, 2017 In Talks

Keynote: BioBusiness Conference

Vanessa was invited to speak as a keynote at the BioBusiness Conference: Innovating in the Value Chain about her work in Design Thinking and challenging people to engage and be participants in their projects, products, and daily exchanges.
She began by presenting her work in illutron: The Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio and GeekPhysical, her own company, creating guerilla marketing through interactive, social norm challenging installations viagra prezzo. She then introduced her work with FabLab RUC, a place where people have access to rapid digital fabrication tools and expertise; to Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque, a twice annual participatory arts party where people become participants and co-create the experience together; and her 9-5 at IdemoLab, DELTA  where she works to do context and technology validation, making sure the right concept is being used with the right technology at the right place at the right time.
Vanessa also did the closing remarks of the day, reflecting on how innovation is valued at different stages and at different venues. For this, Vanessa created an activity wherein all participants should follow the MIT Innovation equation of “Innovation = Invention X Commercialization” and come up with their own versions of this equation, specific to their work domain and practices to find the real value of innovation, for themselves.
I aim to misbehave

I challenge the status quo because I know there are more thoughtful and useful solutions. I aim to create ideal situations for creativity, networking, and knowledge sharing. I aim to work with people who are striving to surpass their wildest expectations.