By VanessaJC June 17, 2019 In Talks

Jewellery of Tomorrow

Speaking to the Jewellery, Technology, and Business students, faculty and visiting jewellery designers at KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Vanessa introduced the topic of Designing for Meaningfulness in wearables. She highlighted the importance of empowering women in technology, turning to Melinda Gate’s book, “The Moment of Lift” for inspiration and guidance in how to lift each other up, and tackle gender issues with women in technology.

“We had the pleasure of Vanessa presenting her thoughts on designing for meaningfulness at our Jewellery of Tomorrow event. The Jewellery industry, with its long heritage of body adornment, is on the breaking point of trying to incorporate technology more and more Therefore Vanessa’s input on how to proceed in this direction, while still creating jewellery devices that holds a value, a story and a meaning matched perfectly with our innovation themed evening.” 

– Rikke Sander, Curator, Jewellery of Tomorrow

I aim to misbehave

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