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IoT @ Google

As part of the Curie Network for Women in Business, Technology and Innovation, Vanessa did a talk about the hardware behind the Internet of Things. The talk was entitled: “Deep Dive into Technology” and was about “Specialist Vanessa Julia Carpenter from IdemoLab will take you to the roots of technology to understand the concept of Internet of Things As an extra bonus you will learn how to work with sensors.”
Vanessa explained how the Internet of Things works, from what the internet actually is, to what all the ‘things’ are including a breakdown of common IoT devices, and how they fit into various models of interactive and reactive systems, from personal IoT to industrial IoT. She gave examples of how cities are becoming smart through the application of Energy Harvesting powered IoT devices, and then went deeper into how to think about, speak about, and strategize for working with IoT.

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