By VanessaJC January 10, 2023 In Talks

Grasp Festival

At the Danish Grasp Festival, an interdisciplinary gathering to create social change and propel the green transition, Vanessa was invited speak and be part of a panel on “Technology as sustainable practices” where she presented her work at Gagarin: Exploring VR as collaborative climate debate.

Description from the Grasp website: 

“We live in a world that is changing rapidly leading to a constant need to make decisions based on limited insight and often done by individuals. Big issues should be conceived in communities where silos and dogmas are replaced with diversity. For sustainable change to strive, it is essential to create space for knowledge sharing across all practices. In this panel session you can experience researchers, artists, activists, practitioners and students sharing their knowledge contribution by way of our open call. The presenters will pitch their concepts, knowledge and ideas related to sustainable change.”