Folkemødet, 2019

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Folkemødet, 2019

Folkemødet, the Danish democratic festival, is an annual “meeting between people and politicians, where Bornholm provides the venue for Danish politicians to debate current political issues.” (From

Vanessa, as part of FORCE Technology was invited to speak about the her work in Designing for Meaningfulness as it relates to the UN Sustainable Development Goals She introduced her work and discussed how we need to ask, with a political perspective:

  • Are we responsibly sourcing electronics? How can we mandate this?
  • How can we push focus to ask critical questions about WHAT innovation we are funding?
  • How can we emphasize human development as a topic for innovation debate?
  • How are we empowering women, people of colour and people of different abilities to contribute to our digital age, and our technology futures?

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