Designing a new design process

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Designing a new design process

As part of IdemoLab, DELTA, Vanessa worked to define the strategy and direction of the department, including which services they offered. Having offered a variety of customized solutions to customers over the years, Vanessa and her team were able to see that customers tended to require the same set of services again and again. In this way, the 8 Step Process was born, a new design process, combining many features of their previous services, but designed to effectively answer the needs of the customer, going beyond what a traditional design process might offer. Since IdemoLab is a part of DELTA, one of the key aspects of this design process was incorporating the regulatory and reliability aspects of the design process, early on, so as to steer the project in a direction which would help it avoid typical regulatory pitfalls and thus successfully get to market faster.

We wanted the process to stand out from other design firm’s processes and so, working with an artist, we created a series of drawings to represent the 8 steps. Vanessa and the artist (Malene Habroe of Manufakt Studio) looked to old Victorian patent drawings to gain inspiration, to represent the era of invention, alongside the hopefulness for a technologically meaningful future. 

The 8 Step Process combines many common methodologies (read the one-pager describing each step here) and one of the primary success factors is the dedication to an agile process. The process utilizes early, iterative building, testing, consideration of regulatory and reliability and evaluation with experts before moving on to discuss a higher fidelity prototype. In this way, the customer gets answers quickly, so they can make smart decisions at every step of the process, making sure they are developing the right product for the right customer, to provide the right experience that they hope to enable. 

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