Design Smart Products

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Design Smart Products

Design Smart Products is an annual event which Vanessa has curated as part of her work with IdemoLab. This event, like her others, seeks to find a way to connect people for longer than just the duration of the event. It gives them something that they go home remembering, reflection and being joyful about their experience, and looking forward to reconnect with those they just met. Design Smart Products is an industry conference, bringing together small, medium and large companies and researchers working within the smart product domain who aim to challenge what is technically possible while focusing on the important aspects of user centred design.

This event always features few, but significant thought leader keynotes, hands-on workshops, facilitated networking and activities to create long-lasting connections.

Design Smart Products has featured:

  • Visits to design studios around Copenhagen
  • A trip to the island of Hven with presentations onboard the boat
  • Robot building workshops
  • Exploring your sales process through drawing – a workshop
  • Fire dancers and Aerial performers during networking drinks
  • A trip to the island of Ærø, visiting Motorfabrikken Marstal viagra generika online

See a report from one of the Design Smart Products events here.

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