Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque

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Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque

Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque is a participatory performing arts party. Together, with participants, the organizers create a universe that exists for one glorious night, and is remembered for years. The people who attend the party aren’t just guests, they are active participants, co-creating an incredible experience for everyone.

A playground for the outlandish, the bizarre, the playful, the joyful, the creative, the passionate, and those who love to dress up, engage with others and expand their creative boundaries.

This event aims to misbehave in terms of challenging the status quo of a night out or a typical party where a passive audience is entertained. In the universe of Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque, a creative and engaging space is created where it is okay, encouraged, and even expected that you come and participate and engage with others

Vanessa has been involved with Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque and became CEO in 2015.

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