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Bits & Beers

Bits & Beers is an atypical evening conference connecting businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, and makers in the relaxed Friday bar atmosphere, with the structure of a well organized business networking and knowledge sharing event.

Bits & Beers consists of:

  1. A Friday bar, after work, drop by for a drink, enjoy the atmosphere including DJs, interactive installations, performances, and other geeky/nerdy fun.
  2. 10 minute talks with no questions. A room is set up, conference style, with chairs and projection space where you can hear more from people who work within a theme. Past themes have included “Energy Harvesting”, “Medical”, “Laser Cutting”, “Makers”, “Past & Present Prototypes”, “Danish Sound” and others. Typically 6 presentations occur throughout the evening. Each presentation is strictly limited to 10 minutes and questions are taken in the bar, after the presentation. The point is to have conversations, to connect people who are really interested in the topic, and to create potential collaborations można znaleźć na tej stronie.
  3. An exhibition space wherein each table in the bar becomes a mini exhibition space, where technology and projects are shown off. The project creator sets up the table and people can sit and enjoy their drink and see a demonstration of the project/technology. In this way, people can move around the bar, checking out the different tables and getting a new experience at each stop. 

Vanessa’s ambition with Bits & Beers is to create a knowledge sharing environment which ignites curiosity. 10 minutes is all it takes to get the point across, and then if people are curious enough, they will seek out the speaker, to ask them more questions. Tables set up with touchable exhibitions encourage curious minds to engage, and play. And the atmosphere of a Friday bar takes away the stigma of a conference or industry setting, and allows people to relax, and connect.

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