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Vanessa is always on the lookout for new topics within technology and design which people are eager to understand more about. Her aim is to help participants understand the topic, and feel confident that they have new terms, concepts and considerations they can apply to their everyday interactions and business decisions.


Prototyping – rapid, iterative, and effective, is the key to product and service success. Everyone from small single person companies to large multi-national companies benefit from prototyping because the process of prototyping unveils opportunities, insights, and risks which otherwise might only become apparent after a costly market launch. Details and further information about this talk, here.

“Amazing Presentation”, “That was fun!”, “Thank you for an inspiring presentation”, “Useful”

Comments from the Zoom chat, during the Danish Design Centre “Fremtiden Nu” (Future Now) workshops.

We have all heard about innovation, creativity, and how to design ‘outside the box’, but how do you actually push yourself further, and thus, push your company furtherDetails and further information about this talk, here.

I had the pleasure of Vanessa presenting at a meeting in Network Denmark. Her engaging personality made the topic Pushing Creative Boundaries relevant, easy to understand and fun for her audience.

David Neville, Network Director, EGN Denmark (Executives Global Network).

What are the things of the Internet of Things? Including a live hardware demonstration, this talk explains what is inside your devices, and provides a functional vocabulary for people aiming to work with technology. Details and further information about this talk, here.

“I feel like I now have a terminology to use when discussing the Internet of Things, it makes a lot more sense to consider things from a hardware perspective, and this will help guide my future decisions about how we approach new technology in my company”.

The Curie Network for Women in Business, Innovation & Technology

AI, Artificial Intelligence is already here. We use it daily in our phones and our email. But what is it, really? What’s happening in the background, what are computers deciding for us and how are they making these decisions? Details and further information about this talk, here.

Thank you for explaining this so clearly, I feel like I really understand more about what AI is and how I can use this knowledge to make better decisions in my business.

Member of C-Level Leadership network in Denmark

In today’s world, we have so many devices, and are always on. Technology is easily accessible, cheap and easy to use. How do we design for meaningfulness? For purpose in life, and for our relationships with ourselves, and with others? Details and further information about this talk, here.

“We had the pleasure of Vanessa presenting her thoughts on designing for meaningfulness at our Jewellery of Tomorrow event. The Jewellery industry, with its long heritage of body adornment, is on the breaking point of trying to incorporate technology more and more. Therefore Vanessa’s input on how to proceed in this direction, while still creating jewellery devices that holds a value, a story and a meaning matched perfectly with our innovation themed evening.” 

Rikke Sander, Curator, Jewellery of Tomorrow

The technology we create today has a massive impact on not only the planet, but on the people who mine for the base elements that make up our devices. In this talk, we explore what Conflict Resources are, and how our decisions can have an impact. Details and further information about this talk, here.

“That was absolutely brilliant, informative, clear, insightful and holistic!”.

Noé Bhandari, Fabrication Specialist, SPACE10

Designing for Meaningfulness means looking further than the immediate interactions with technology and focusing on purpose in life, relationships with others and with ourselves. This talk, aimed at a UX and digital experience audience, helps to expand on this narrative from the perspective of our online experiences. Details and further information about this talk, here.

Thanks a million. Everyone loved it! It will be hard for the next speaker to follow!

Andreas Wagner, Koalition

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Vanessa has worked extensively within hardware, product development, design and health care, and is interested in hearing about your area of interest, where you can either select a predefined talk, or contact her at to ask for a custom designed talk.