Art <3 Tech

After working for more than 10 years in corporate environments in Canada, Vanessa moved to Scandinavia to complete a Master’s of Interaction Design at Malmo University in Sweden. She then joined the Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio: illutron, a floating maker space in Denmark and amidst fire cannons, dancers, computer controlled lights, sounds and robots, she has contributed to creating a network and community of Makers, tinkerers, nerds, thinkers, and creatives throughout Scandinavia. Her company, GeekPhysical has worked to challenge the social domain throughout the world through interactive installations and she travelled the world with her partner to create art installations for public spaces. 

illutron is a Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio – a floating makerspace built on an old ship which was once used to create the great bridges in Denmark. Inspired by Burning Man communities, illutron plays with fire, robots, lights, sound and of course, water. Learn more here:

GeekPhysical emerged from the incredible atmosphere of illutron, and focused on Biometric Social Interaction, creating interactive installations for guerilla marketing around the world. Check out the projects here:

Plant Orchestra

As part of an ongoing exploration into technology, identity, and gender, this project brings together researchers, industry, hackers, and artists. The work is ongoing, and can be found at

Full paper by Carpenter, V można znaleźć na tej stronie., Homewood, S., Overgaard, M., & Wuschitz, S., (2018). From Sex Toys to Pleasure Objects.