AI: An introduction & AI from a hardware perspective

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AI: An introduction & AI from a hardware perspective

AI, Artificial Intelligence is already here. We use it daily in our phones and our email. But what is it, really? What’s happening in the background, what are computers deciding for us and how are they making these decisions? Starting out with a brief exploration of the hardware which gathers data for AI, Vanessa introduces participants to the world of AI and provides them with tools to understand, and speak about AI.

Thank you for explaining this so clearly, I feel like I really understand more about what AI is and how I can use this knowledge to make better decisions in my business – Member of C-Level Leadership network in Denmark

This talk explores:

  • What is AI, exactly?
  • Why do we start with hardware?
    • What are sensors?
    • What are actuators?
    • What does it mean for something to be ‘smart’?
  • What does ‘learning’ mean when we are talking about devices and systems?
  • How we are using AI in everyday devices today
  • How we are training AI with our actions and decisions
  • AI in health care, success stories
  • AI Fails
  • The importance of representation
  • The future of our jobs with regard to AI



  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Hardware, sensors, actuators
  • AI Learning
  • AI Representation
  • Self driving cars
  • Military AI
  • Health care and AI



This talk is presented as either a shorter, 30 minute talk or a longer, 45 to 60 minute talk with room for discussion and debate.

This talk is provided in Keynote format, 4 x 3.



This talk can be tailored towards an audience of:

  • C-Level business developers, business owners, influencers, decision makers
  • Designers
  • Health Care
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Developers

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