My past includes flirtations with robots, LEDs, fire, and sound; my present - a long, hard look at how people interact with technology in terms of meaningfulness, and my future is helping companies to understand technology and to design products that matter.

Future Technology Talks

Vanessa has a background in design thinking and strategy which she combines with expertise in hardware (smart products), and rapid prototyping.She speaks at events and conferences, moderates panels, and hosts happenings because of her ability to combine many worlds: corporate, maker, hardware, events, and art.


Vanessa is passionate about connecting people by creating engaging events which challenge the status quo. From network meet ups to annual conferences, she crafts the experience from start to finish to create lasting connections between participants.

Designing user experiences is part of Vanessa's DNA. She applies the principles learned from her work creating interactive art installations to create valuable experiences for people using devices, participating in events, and encountering designed experiences in their daily routines.

Art <3 Tech

Vanessa's true love is blending art with tech, looking to the past to inspire the present, and creating engaging interactive installations for people to explore.

A corset which tightens when your heart rate goes up.