My past includes flirtations with robots, LEDs, fire, and sound; my present - a long, hard look at how people interact with technology in terms of meaningfulness, and my future is helping companies to understand technology and to design products that matter.

Future Technology Talks

Vanessa has a background in design thinking and strategy which she combines with expertise in hardware (smart products), and rapid prototyping.She speaks at events and conferences, moderates panels, and hosts happenings because of her ability to combine many worlds: corporate, maker, hardware, events, and art.

Kintsugi Design Collective

Vanessa founded the Kintsugi Design Collective to have a team of design researchers and technologists working together to create meaningful technological futures. Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese craft of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals whereby the resulting product is more beautiful than the original: the imperfection makes it perfect. Kintsugi Design repairs the cracks using design research, technology prototyping, strategic business development and designing for meaningfulness, making more robust and beautiful futures.

Nordic Women in Hardware

Vanessa established the Nordic Women in Hardware group after meeting so many incredible womxn who didn't know each other. The network invites all who identify as “woman” or who are outside of gender binaries that work with hardware across all domains. Embedded electronics designers, artists, hackers, creatives, anything (with hardware) goes. Visit the website below to see the profiles of all the womxn, where Vanessa's goal is to highlight their diverse backgrounds and make people aware of the great work being done by these people.


From Canada, Vanessa Julia Carpenter moved to Sweden for a Master’s of Interaction Design and then to Denmark to join the Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio: illutron, a floating maker space. Amidst fire cannons, dancers, computer controlled lights, sounds and robots, she co-created a community of makers, thinkers, nerds and creatives throughout Scandinavia. She created her own company, GeekPhysical, to explore biometric social interaction and today, helps companies to develop well thought through hardware prototypes which help people to lead purpose driven lives.