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First Bond Wearables are at heart, jewellery designers whose aim has been to create a truly wearable device, which is both aesthetically pleasing and tangibly interactive.

First Bond Wearables was born out of a wearable technologies class at Copenhagen School of Design & Technology where three jewellery design students joined forces to create an aesthetically pleasing and elegant wearable. Their inspiration came from parents-to-be in the hip neighbourhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, where their school is located. Both parents wanted to be more engaged in the pregnancy and so, the concept for Fibo emerged.

Since its inception, First Bond Wearables has been invited to, and become finalists in start up competitions, joined tech events and is now partnering with a Danish design firm and a technology development company to bring Fibo to the market. First Bond Wearables is seeking partnership with a mama-device company and welcomes inquires from investors.


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